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Michael Keaton

Name:Michael Keaton
Place of birth:Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthday: 1951-09-05
Popularity: 9.339805
A.K.A:مايكل كيتونМайкл Китон마이클 키턴マイケル・キートンไมเคิล คีตัน米高·基頓

 Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton is very remarkable actor because he is very skilled at playing a character in a film, because of its expertise, it deserves a great reward.

Michael Keaton Michael Keaton in the film plays a very anticipated by fans because he is an amazing actor and as a writer, I was very impressed with what Michael Keaton, hope Michael Keaton award nominations to organizations of this world.

Michael Keaton: Michael John Douglas (born September 5, 1951), better known as Michael Keaton, is an American actor, well known for his early comedic roles in films such as Night Shift, Mr. Mom, Johnny Dangerously, Beetlejuice, and for his dramatic portrayal of Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns, as well as lead roles in other films including The Paper, Jackie Brown, Jack Frost, White Noise, Cars, The Other Guys and Toy Story 3.

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